Johanna Keefe

Manchester, MA


Zero Balancing The experience of this authentic touch is , as founder Dr. Fritz describes it, ‘delicious.’ You are clothed, face up on the massage table and experience a gentle but deeply felt touch in the form of acupressure and at times, slow, gentle traction. A natural component to other therapies and healing skills, ZB is a wonderful tool for personal growth. It has been shown to be very effective for a wide range of mind-body issues, ranging from muscular/skeletal disorders to anxiety. When structure and energy flows are balanced, dysfunctional habits, such as outmoded emotional patterns and imprints from past traumas may decrease.

This is an experience of deep relaxation, releasing old patterns of held energy in the body, and one often feels quite deeply "held". Consider a trusting and quiet session of the structural/energy work of Zero Balancing.


Trauma Release Certified Practitioner, Nutritional Consultation (Weston Price Foundation), Zero Balancing, Holistic Life Coach, Healing Touch Energy Therapy