Johanna Keefe

Manchester, MA


Cosmology is a word I use to describe how my work with astrology provides a symbolic lens with which a person may bring meaning and purpose to their unique life experiences.  It has been said that the one constant in life is change ~ and the challenge is to remain steady, centered and attuned to life's higher vibration during times when there appears to be less light, or a greater wind. 

Using the language of astrology can illuminate our collective human nature and help with basic human connection when we need it most. It is with an understanding of the these basic, elemental archetypes, that we can appreciate  the dance of our inner selves. With self reflection and a journey involving the creative arts, (specifically encouraging journaling, but any mindful activity or inclination toward a chosen art form) a person may advance toward a more productive and satisfying level of achievement, reaching for that personal vision which brings the most joy and passion in their life.  Self knowledge leads to compassion and understanding with ourselves, our loved ones and our greater community.

An astrological chart interpretation requires your birth day, time, year, and place, and can be combined with any healing session, or as an in-depth inquiry during a special life transition.

Trauma Release Certified Practitioner, Nutritional Consultation (Weston Price Foundation), Zero Balancing, Holistic Life Coach, Healing Touch Energy Therapy