Johanna Keefe

Manchester, MA


Trauma Release Certified Practitioner, Nutritional Consultation (Weston Price Foundation), Zero Balancing, Holistic Life Coach, Healing Touch Energy Therapy


I am pleased to announce that I am a Certified TRE Provider, having received direct training from David Berceli, the founder of Trauma Release Process, http://traumaprevention.com,  both at Kripalu Institute in Lenox, MA, and then at Still Meadow Retreat Center in Damascus, Oregon.  This shaking therapy is a truly profound process for letting go of habitual tension locked in the body, and with a regular home practice, may restore healthy sleep patterns, satisfying relationships, and bring a heightened sense of presence and feeling of well-being to your everyday experience. 


While it is true that I have quite a spectrum of holistic modalities which I access when needed for my clients, I do believe that beginning with an introduction to the self-care practice of TRE, and allowing yourself to establish a home practice over several visits, will help to enhance your bodys ability to receive other complementary and conventional therapies, should you have other priorities.

Here is a homemade slideshow which serves as a wonderful metaphor for the work of TRE after a traumatic event.

Once learned, you may wish to join my periodic group shakes in local yoga venues. If you would like to learn more about how you can learn TRE, and what it may do for you, please accept my invitation for a complementary phone interview at 978-290-0266.